Using Power BI as a Business Intelligence Solution

Using Power BI as a Business Intelligence Solution

Every company market is unique, with its own set of complexities and challenges. Their client are diversified in character, with well-defined budgets, objectives, and goals. As a result, businesses use diverse selling and marketing tactics to offer a variety of services and goods. You should know about sharepoint solution provider in today’s world.

Power BI is a new cloud-based Business Intelligence service given by Microsoft that is based on the company’s years of experience with relational databases such as Access, SQL Server, and others. It is a business intelligence platform that enables firms to clean and completely transform data into relevant data. It extensively analyses data and provides great insights. It is a very effective tool as it has,


Microsoft has made the Power BI visualisation SDK available. It includes a large library for custom visualisation. Using this functionality, users can change the UI to their liking. Data Shaping Power BI includes a tool called Query Editor, which is incredibly flexible and powerful, with a plethora of functions. The most significant feature is that it is self-documenting.

Data Modeling

Any BI solution is powerful if the microsoft power bi hk model is well-developed. Based on their experience with SQL databases and Cube technology, Power BI has very effective data modelling capabilities.

There are other competitors to Power BI that provide similar functionality. However, Power BI stands out in the industry, owing to the tool’s ease of use and rapid Microsoft Help.

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