Who Is Predisposed to Down Syndrome

Who Is Predisposed to Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic condition caused by errors in cell division during human egg, sperm, or embryo development. Over 90% of people with Down syndrome have three copies of chromosome 21 rather than the normal two in all of their bodily cells. Other people with Down syndrome have cells that have either additional copies of chromosome 21 in some body cells (mosaic Down syndrome) or extra bits or sections of chromosome 21 in their cells (termed translocation Down syndrome). So you can do a hong kong down’s syndrome test

There are no known causes of Down syndrome yet only a small percentage acquire translocation Down syndrome from a parent, with risks ranging from 3% (for men) to 10% to 15% (for mothers). Maternal age, having one kid with Down syndrome, and being a male or female with the translocation Down syndrome gene are all major risk factors.

The risk of your baby having Down syndrome can be investigated during pregnancy. It is usually not done as a screening test unless there are risk factors. Check with the hong kong nipt service.

Down syndrome patients have a wide range of physical and mental symptoms. The functional level of a Down syndrome patient is difficult to predict. There are, however, some national organisations that can provide information about the care and developmental levels that Down syndrome patients can accomplish with assistance. Finally, it should be noted that many parents of Down syndrome patients have found enormous satisfaction in raising their children, who give them with various occasions filled with love and excitement.

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