Riding an electric scooter is no different than driving a car

Riding an electric scooter is no different than driving a car

You should know your surroundings, learn all the controls, how much acceleration is good, when to decelerate, how to brake and most importantly; how to ride safely!

For starters, you can practice it on your own. Learn the basic handling and maneuvering by yourself. You could check out videos on the internet giving you basic instructions as well as pro-tips of how to successfully and safely ride and enjoy your new scooter. Websites such as  https://sprousebros.com/long-range-electric-scooter/ have a lot of information than you can benefit from. Remember to not shy away from asking questions and feel free to discuss problems and issues that you encounter during your day-to-day usage.

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If you know someone, a friend or a colleague who is proficient in riding an electric scooter, you could discuss with them to share their experiences. What would benefit you further is to ask them to ride along with you sometime to give you more hands on tips and advice. One thing that goes without saying, when you are out and about, always make sure to follow traffic safety guidelines and where protective gear especially helmet. Studies show that most riders experience fatal injuries as a result of head collision in case they are not wearing proper head gear. Make sure your helmet is not cheap or built from materials that could not withstand hard impact.

Next thing to consider is proper clothing. Remember to have clothing that is comfortable to you during a brisk breezy day out, during drenching rains or on a hot summer noon ride.

Do not use charging adapters and cables that are not endorsed/licensed by the manufacturer as they may harm the charging port or worse the battery itself. There have been reports of batteries getting too hot or imploding due to improper charging.

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