Air conditioning and ventilation in a massage parlor

Air conditioning and ventilation in a massage parlor

Before each visit, we should ensure that the room is ventilated. When using fragrance marketing, try to make sure that only a consciously chosen fragrance dominates the room. In hot weather, it is good to keep the temperature around 22 degrees Celsius. It is worth, therefore, body-to-body massage hong kong in the event of excessively high temperatures, equip the room with an air conditioner.


A key part of the office’s equipment is the choice of a massage table. When choosing a table, you should consider whether we will use it for massages in the office or whether we will transfer it to massages at the clients’ home. You should also take into account the colors and material from which the table will be made. Wood is much easier to integrate into the concept of a friendly, home-like room than metal. The table’s colors should be reflected in the colors of the other elements happy-ending massage hong kong, such as screens, stools, decoration elements, etc.

Air conditioning and ventilation in a massage parlor

Stationary massage tables

If we massage only in the office, it is worth focusing on stationary tables often used in SPA or beauty salons. Optima stationary tables are the perfect choice for a massage room. Reliability, versatility, ergonomics, masseur, and customer convenience guarantee complete satisfaction with use. For those looking for natural wood.

Folding massage tables

If you intend to massage in both the office and the clients, it is worth equipping yourself with a folding table. For masseurs who often travel with the table, we recommend Aero light mobile tables. For masseurs who rarely travel with tables and additionally need maximum stability, we recommend tables with three legs – aluminum Medmal or wooden Alba.

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