Teaching English Abroad In British International Schools

Teaching English Abroad In British International Schools

There are many opportunities for teaching English abroad that are available to anybody who is able to speak English smoothly. Regardless of whether you have a teaching degree or a certificate in English language teaching you can find work almost anywhere on the planet.

This article looks at two options for individuals who want to teach English abroad including private language schools and teaching English abroad in International Schools.

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International Schools

International schools are elementary, center and secondary schools for expatriate children whose families live abroad. There are igcse international schools that offer an American educational program, those that offer a British educational plan and many more. The language of instruction in most international schools is English however many of the students have English as a second or third language, and so most international schools have teachers who support these students by teaching them English language.

Teaching English abroad in international schools can be finished with the same qualifications that are required for teaching in a private language school anyway you will rival individuals who have teaching diplomas. With more than 4000 international schools around the world, there are many positions vacant consistently.

Teaching in an international school frequently offers preferable pay and more benefits over teaching in a private language school. Some benefits you are probably going to get teaching in an international school are annual flights, accommodation allowance, and medical insurance and, free educational cost for your children in the school.

International schools follow the regular school year, so you might be teaching for around 200 days, and you will be paid for your vacation time, dissimilar to private language school where you will get 3-4 weeks holiday in a year contract.

Private Language Schools

Teaching positions in private language schools are easy to secure. English language educational cost is a development business in many areas of the world, in particular in Eastern Europe and all through Asia.

In request to teach English in a private language school you should have the option to speak English easily and have a certificate from either Trinity or RSA CELTA? These courses are around 4 weeks in length and can even be finished online. Some language schools will employ native English speakers who do not have any ESL qualification, however usually these schools are not as reputable as those that insist their teachers have the appropriate qualifications.

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