Integrated management systems

Integrated management systems

The old favorite Quality Control Standard, iSO9001, is combined with ISO14001, a 3 way integration and more and more Environmental Management Standard has been called for. The next part is BS OHSAS 18001. The Benefit of owning a really integrated platform is that there are components of all three Standards which are similar or exactly the same:

  • All three Standards possess a record control necessity;
  • The management of documents is defined in all three Standards;
  • Coaching, competence & consciousness are seen in three Standards;
  • All three Standards have a requirement for internal auditing;
  • Management review is Regarded as the lynch pin for all the Standards;
  • Tracking and measuring apparatus are utilized in every Standard;
  • Continual Improvement is Essential to all three;
  • Preventive Action and actions are requirements.

It is clear with this Quantity of synergy, in setting the standards into 12; the effort could be decreased, as can the prices. The benefits to the organization could be immense and the incorporation of an incorporated management system states a Fantastic deal about you:

  • It states in unequivocal and clear terms that you just care about the quality of your goods and/or solutions.
  • You care about the level to.
  • You care about the impact and the surroundings your performance is having on Earth.
  • You care about your employees, contractors and visitors’ health, welfare and safety.

And lastly that you are certain to find these systems certificated and examined.

Many Businesses looking have green credentials and to put buy goods and contracts are searching and care for their employees and can present it. Independent Certification is crucial to demonstrate that your system provides assurance to a supply chain and stakeholders and is commendable. Additionally, it makes sure that company losses are reduced and that the quality is kept and performance is improved. It is necessary your certification is given by an accredited certification body. In other words, if a certification body is not recognized by Chứng Chỉ OHSAS then lots of stakeholders are currently refusing to take the certification since there is not any evidence of independence and competence of the assessor. Management systems are well recognized, as well as in the event of ISO 9001, with more than 1 million certifications from 170 nations, it is an expectation. Environmental and Health & Safety systems are becoming the best way.

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