How it Works: USPS Delivery Confirmation

How it Works: USPS Delivery Confirmation

Delivery Confirmation is USPS’s way to calm your nerves about your packages. With Delivery Confirmation, USPS will tell you when and where your item was delivered. And if your recipient isn’t home, Delivery Confirmation will tell you when that person’s postal carrier tried to deliver the package.

How It Works

Delivery Confirmation uses a barcode that stores tracking information about your item. Every time your package goes to a new location, USPS will scan it. That information will be uploaded onto USPS’s Web site. If you enter the code provided to you, you can track the item.

This service can be used with everything from First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, Package Services, Standard Mail Parcels and Parcel Select. In addition, you can buy Domestic Insurance, Registered Mail, Special Handling, Return Receipt, Return Receipt for Merchandise and Collect on Delivery (COD) in conjunction with Delivery Confirmation.

Although Delivery Confirmation is useful for many items, it doesn’t work with every service. You can’t send letters, flat pieces or magazines sent by First-Class Mail and Package Services, Standard Mail letters or mail sent with pre-canceled stamps. Some APO/FPO locations won’t work for Delivery Confirmation, nor will mail sent to most U.S. territories including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Types of Delivery Confirmation

USPS offers both retail and electronic Delivery Confirmation. The retail version is available at your local post office. All you need to do is fill out a green label called PS Form 152. Once you’ve filled out all applicable fields, bring your package and form up to the checkout counter. A postal employee will verify the information, attach the label to your package and give you a slip with a confirmation number. You can enter this number on USPS’s Web site to find out the package status. This method is great if you are making a last-minute stop at the post office.

If you remember, you can buy electronic Delivery Confirmation from USPS’s Web site. This method will save you about 15 cents every time you send something using this method. You’ll still need to enter your code online at USPS’s Web site to check on the status of your package.


Although Delivery Confirmation is a great service, it has some drawbacks. It doesn’t guarantee that your package will arrive, or that USPS will know where your package is at any one time. If you are worried about losing the package, the best thing to do is to purchase insurance instead. USPS may not scan your item at every stop, which means you may be wondering where your package went for several days.

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